Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear PCOM Teammates in Chapters,

In line with our objective to encourage PCOM inactive members due to arrears to become active members again , the PCOM National Board has approved during our July 14,2012 board meeting, the PCOM Amnesty Program .

I would like to reiterate that PCOM can only give certification of membership in good standing to PCOM members for our PMA , PRC, and PhilHealth purposes. Under the PCOM BYLaws, members who have not paid their dues for 3 years and more shall be dropped from our roster of members..

To avoid this situation , I would like to request for your help in reaching out to our members in your chapter who can benefit from this.

The following are the features of this amnesty program :

  1. Who can avail of this Amnesty?- Inactive Members with arrears of three (3)years and more.
  2. How much will be paid? Payment of P3,000 shall restore your membership in PCOM.
  3. What else will this mean for those who will avail of this amnesty?
    CME units earned after payment of P3,000 shall be credited to the member. The Membership status and CME credit standing after payment shall be considered as the baseline for accreditation and other benefits.
  4. What is the incentive for Chapters? The P3,000 shall be shared between PCOM National and the Chapter on a 75 % / 25 % basis, respectively.
  5. How long shall this Amnesty be offered? This amnesty if offered July 14, 2012- December 31,2012 only.

I hope we can encourage as many members to reactivate their PCOM membership .
Looking forward to meeting you all in Cebu at .our Mid Year convention.

Best regards,

Lynn A

Marilyn C. Alentajan, MD
National President
Phil. College of Occupational