Prevalence of Risky Behaviours and Determinants of Multiple Sex Partnerships among Male Filipino Seafarers - by Ofelia P. Saniel, Sarah J. De los Reyes

Wednesday, March 16, 2016



This study describes the HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitudes, and related practices among male Filipino seafarers assigned to non-passenger vessels. It also identifies some factors associated with the seafarers’ practice of having multiple sex partners. 

Material and methods.  

An analytical cross-sectional study design, utilizing a standard interview schedule administered to 501 male seafarers from 12 large manning agencies in Metro Manila.


Multiple logistic regression analysis shows that seafarers who are unmarried and who have a history of alcohol drinking are more likely to report multiple sex partnerships compared to married men and those who do not drink alcohol, respectively. Men who have inadequate knowledge about HIV transmission and prevention and those who are relatively young are also more likely to engage in multiple sex partnerships.


HIV prevention messages should target the unmarried and young seafarers. The HIV module during pre-departure needs to be reviewed for the seafarers’ knowledge of HIV transmission and prevention to improve. The use of condoms during high-risk sexual encounters should be emphasized.

(Int Marit Health 2010; 61; 4: 215–223)

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